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my what…

I’v dedicated my adult life to studying the human condition, our brains and the profound effects our thinking patterns have on our daily lives.

My passion is creating unique, valuable and heart-filled tools and entertainment for viewers that combat the rising mental health pandemic. breaking down this human experience while Offering tools for renewed joy, personal connections, deep self acceptance, and self-love.

my why…

Our society is experiencing staggering rises in depression, suicides, substance abuse, violence, and deep anxieties. on levels never previously seen before.

I too have lived with debilitating depressions, bipolar, alcohol abuse, and my own near suicide.

but We are not broken, we simply haven’t been taught how our brains work yet. mentally navigating the prolific triggers this modern, digital world is presenting us.

more life
than ever

my how…

considered the “netflix” of wellness of mental, physical and financial health. brio offers a new era of overall life, health and wellness shows, podcasts and courses.

our mission was to create a lifeline and complete support system for our viewers. Challenging toxic mental health narratives and removing stigmas, while normalizing the challenges we all face in life.

“brio” streaming network

20+ years
in film and tv

shark tank – Art Director

Between personal projects, I’m Still active in network television on ABC’s “shark tank.” It’s my great pleasure to have helped 1,000+ entrepreneurs spanning 14 seasons on the show. designing their pitch displays, effectively communicating each of their unique stories, their hearts and brand missions.

“inside game”
tv series

my how continued…

I’m c0-producing a bold new tv series called “inside game” currently in pre-production.

each episode we follow everyday heros as they courageously evolve through an innovative mental, emotional and spiritual healing journey.

Inspiring us all with the courage to look within ourselves and heal from the inside.


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